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Watch Jade define her hair with Twist Frosting with Biotin


Twist Frosting with Biotin

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Luxe Duo Masque

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Tropical Mango & Monoi Moisturizer

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Fluffy Promise

Real Healthy Ingredients

Our fragrances are Vegan Certified and phthalate-free. We avoid Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, Cocamide, Alcohol or Petroleum in any of our products.


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Get it! It’s the bomb!


Nice shine and bouncy, I’m loving it! Beautiful!


OMG! I did not expect that slip, I did expect that moisture...


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This soap is unreasonably addictive.


Best of Both Curls

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A traveling pop-up shop for people on different hair journeys. See media from our first event in Brooklyn featuring 4 Black-Owned brands.

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