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We offer an array of gentle cleansers for sensitive / oily types!

Fluffy Foam: made with babassu oil nourishes hair & skin for daily application 

Red Citrus Bar: to alleviate dryness with essential oils

Smoke Clay Wash: a smooth detoxifying mask for weekly application


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We promise to create the very best unisex products for your family’s hair and skin. Our fragrance selection are Vegan Certified and phthalate-free. We avoid Dyes containing PPDA,  Sulfates, Phthalates, Gluten, Parabens, Cocamide, Soy, Alcohol and Petroleum in our products.


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Tallom Foundation

Tallom Foundation

The Tallom Foundation is a non-profit to empower at-risk women with self-sufficient skills to find work and seek higher education.



FloCode is a non-profit working hard to provide free menstrual tampons and pads to women in need. Change the narrative, period!