Exclusive Female Waver Contest

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There is an exclusive Facebook contest going on right now for lady wavers and you are free to join in. My Fluffy Puffs is co-hosting the first ever, Queen's Season - Hunt for The Crown.
Over $250 worth of prizes will be gifted to 3 ladies!
  • Torino Brushes from Brush King
  • Moisturizers from Diva Hair & HD Waves
  • Artwork Prints by C. Dior
  • T-shirts by Top Wavers and more!

Contest runs from April 7th to 14th so hurry.

To enter, follow and DM Female Wavers on Instagram.
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Natural Hair Obsession Giveaway

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My Fluffy Puffs is sponsoring a realty great giveaway with YouTube personality, Christi aka Natural Hair Obsession
You could win a great prize pack from us:
  Twist Frosting with Biotin, curling custard
  Hot Head Thermal Cap
  Satin-lined Bonnet

Here's how to enter:

1) Follow @NaturalHairObsession & @MyFluffyPuffs on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

2) Post the above image on your Instagram page with #NHOPrize to win.


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Deat Fat Girl x My Fluffy Puffs

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Brittany of Dear Fat Girl hosted her first vision board event in Washington, D.C. earlier this month. Dear Fat Girl is a blog that goes beyond appearance and helps empower women to accept themselves both mentally and physically.

The Goal Getters brunch featured women of all sizes coming together to network and build ideas that can be illustrated in their vision boards. My Fluffy Puffs donated our Twist Frosting with Biotin to the event. Be sure to check out Dear Fat Girl's blog and show support towards accepting your beauty.

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My Fluffy Puffs Sponsors "Meet Us At The Place"

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If you are local to the Dallas, Texas area now is your chance to attend one of our sponsored events by natural hair bloggers, Virtuous Virgos and fashion designer Necee of U Got Me Twisted Apparel. My Fluffy Puffs has contributed our Twist Frosting with Biotin for their swag bags.
These ladies are hosting their first networking event in Dallas on April 8th. Buy your tickets to reserve here at Event Brite.
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Black Hair Info Giveaway!

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We keep it hot over at My Fluffy Puffs. This March, we've partnered up with none other than Black Hair Information to offer you a chance to try our Twist Frosting with Biotin! 

Our Twist Frosting is a coconut-free formula made to define your curls without weighing them down. A special blend of avocado, biotin, rose hip and jojoba penetrate your hair to give excellent slip while styling.

Each winner will receive a personal gift of Tarchelle B's, "Natural Hair Journal", a guideline to learn what products work for your hair texture.

(Tarchelle Bryant, buy her journal here)

Three winners will be selected at random for this contest. You must enter before March 21st only at Black Hair Info.  We accept contestants from the US, Canada & the U.K.

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