5 Baddie Fades To Try After the Big Chop

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The big chop is probably the scariest, most liberating part of a natural hair journey. Chopping off your hair and starting fresh is no joke. You have to learn how to care for it in a new, healthier way, you go through awkward phases, and you even have some difficulty finding the right style for such short hair.

Now styling a TWA, pixie, or any low cut can be intimidating at first because you might think your options are limited, but that's not the case! With a cute cut and maybe a little color, you can elevate your big chop experience into something that makes you feel fly. Here are 5 fade cuts that you should try with your

 Burgundy Hi-Top Fade w/ Design

This bold and beautiful cut is perfect for when your hair is in that awkward stage and your styling options aren't exactly all there yet. The luscious burgundy and intricate designs give you all the versatility you need in just one look.

Textured Undercut Fade

Keeping it short, sweet, and simple is the best option after you are left with a teeny-weeny afro, or TWA, post big chop. A clean undercut and design is a fresh addition to an otherwise traditional look.

Platinum Blonde Buzz Fade

(IG: Guidedhands)

In simpler terms, a buzz fade is when you're able to keep the top of your hair a little longer and fuller while the back is transitioning into a full-blown buzz cut. This chic look is ideal for those of you who struggle with nape thinning and breakage because starting all over will help your hair grown back in thicker, fuller, and healthier.

Aqua Blue Buzz Cut w/ Temple Fade

This electric blue is a thrilling option for when you want to completely revamp your style and step into something more daring. The fade at the temple adds a stylish flair and is even great for masking or blending any balding or thinning around your edges.

Dark Caesar Fade

If you need something simple and easy to manage, this super cute cut should be on your to-do list. A dark caesar with a low fade is an ideal go-to if you're worried about hair growing in evenly all around.


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