5 Reasons To Big Chop

The big chop is seen as a daunting choice because you’ll have shorter hair than you’re used to. There are many benefits of of giving yourself a fresh start with a big chop. Lets consider 5 reasons why to big chop.

1. A Fresh Start – Cutting your heat damaged or
relaxed hair ends of will allow you to have a fresh
start to your healthy hair journey. Healthy hair
growth is wanted by everyone. Therefore, holding
unto to damaged hair ends will prevent your hair
from truly flourishing. It’s just like you/re holding
unto a toxic relationship that hampers on your self- esteem while wanting to be more confident in

2. Conquer Your Fears – If you can cut of your hair without being ashamed or insecure about how you
look, you can conquer anything. It may seem a bit
farfetched but think about it. You are cutting off
your hair, which we are taught is a part of we are,
to embrace a new you regardless of the standards 
society imposed on you.

3. Diversity of Short Hair – With short hair there are many hairstyles to choose from. You can wear a wig or clip ins if you want length. Short hair offers versatility with tapered cut, short curly bob, cute puffs and mohawks.

4. Love Yourself – After the big chop you don’t meet society’s expectations. Remember that hair doesn’t make the person. Habe fun by updating your wardrobe to compliment your new look. 

5. Retain Length – Your hair is able to retain your new growth faster. Thus, the growth is more prominent than someone with longer hair. Give your hair a break from style manipulation, you’d be surprised how much your hair can recover.

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