Bad Habits Cause Breakage

Our hair needs to be cared for in every way possible to prevent breakage. In addition, increase the length retention of your hair. If you are experiencing excessive breakage, then you could be engaging in bad habits that are wreaking havoc on your hair.

Here are 4 common bad habits you should cease:

Avoid Heat Styles – Do not use direct heat on your hair. Heat breaks down the protective layer of our hair strands thus leaving our hair susceptible to the environment and manipulation that cause breakage. Therefore, avoid heat styles such as blowouts and pressed hair.

Not Moisturising Your Hair – Moisturising your hair is crucial to avoiding breakage. Our hair is naturally dry therefore it needs moisture on a constant basis. Heavy grease or pomade block moisture from absorbing into the hair shaft. A lightweight cream based moisturizer is recommended. You can choose to moisture on a daily or weekly basis to strengthen hair. 

Not Sleeping with Satin Tools – When we sleep on cotton, it removes the moisture from our hair causing it to be susceptible to breakage. However, satin helps us to retain the moisture that we sealed in. Thus, we should be sleeping in satin caps, scarfs or on satin pillowcases and sheets. As well as using satin lined tools such as baseball caps, hoodies, and even scrunchies.

Skipping on Deep Conditioning – You should deep condition your hair on a weekly basis to replenish the moisture that was lost throughout the week. Ensure to deep condition with indirect heat (plastic shower cap or conditioning cap) because it allows the hair cuticles to be lifted, and the moisture or protein is penetrated into the hair shaft. 

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