Face Behind The Brand: Diva Hair Products

Series of short interviews meant to showcase minority-owned businesses in Face Behind The Brand. You know their product now learn what inspired them to make it.
Diva Hair Products Face Behind The Brand


Tell us 3 things about yourself:

I love reading. I played basketball in college. I am a functioning introvert.

What inspired you to start your brand?

I did my big chop September 2011. After spending hundreds of dollars trying different store bought products, I begin looking on YouTube for How to mix your own natural hair butter. When I joined the wave pages on Facebook and people started asking me what I used. I told them my own hair butter. Wavers were interested in buying it so I started selling my original product, Diva Butter.

How did you create your brand name?

I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated. We are often referred to as divas. So when I started waving, I called myself ‘WavedUpDiva’ hence the name Diva Hair Products.

What’s your short term goal for 2019?

To expand my marketing strategies.

Where can consumers find you?


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