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Face Behind The Brand
Series of short interviews meant to showcase minority-owned businesses in Face Behind The Brand. You know their product now learn what inspired them to make it.

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Ill Freeze Realmz
Tell us 3 things about yourself:

The First thing is that I am also a waver, hairhealth is very important to me. Second thing is I am a music engineer and produce music. The other side of my business is a total creative media company focusing on branding, graphic and apparel design, and presentation. The third thing is that I am deep into fitness and bodybuilding, overall wellness is a key factor in my life.

What inspired you to start your brand?

I have always been into designing and product development and I have been a waver for over 20 years, being a big user of the plastic bag method. I started to look into how I could make a product that was more efficient and user friendly. After many years of prototyping and development the LayDown G was born. I worked with my factory to perfect it, send it for patent and here we are today.

How did you create your brand name?

The name just came to me naturally, I looked at the product and simply described what it was. it lays down your hair, it's a glove so I used the G for glove - The LaydownG.

What’s your short term goal for 2019?

My short term goal for 2019 is to continue growing my brand. I have a lot more planned for the franchise, including adding more products and some more surprises in store, stay tuned.

Where can consumers find you?

They can find me on my website, illfreezerealmz.com also on instagram, twitter and facebook under @illfreezerealmz and if they need to email me, illfreeze@illfreezerealmz.com

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