Face Behind The Brand: MeSoWavy

Series of short interviews meant to showcase minority-owned businesses in Face Behind The Brand. You know their product now learn what inspired them to make it.

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Tell us 3 things about yourself:

I’m from Oakland. I’m a very big dreamer. Everything I do is not for me now but for my legacy that my kids  and their kids can look back and be proud of.

What inspired you to start your brand?

It really came out of no where to be honest. I rocked a Boosie fade for 9 years in memorial of a friend of mines that passed. To try something new I started waving, saw how big the community was and wanted to make a wave that was big and apart of the culture.

How did you create your brand name?

Honestly, I just flipped it from that song “Me ask horny” lol and now I’m “MeSoWavy”.

What’s your short term goal for 2019?

Start doing pop up shops around the Bay Area.

Where can consumers find you?


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