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If you’re looking for a non-profit organization to contribute to fruitfully, there are two that are dearest to me. For My Fluffy Puffs, I regularly contribute to assist females with support as well as confidence. Both organizations contribute to the overall development of women in the community by giving them access to well-needed items and opportunities. They are the FloCode and the TALLOM Foundation.


Donate to Flocode non profit org women

FloCode – While on Twitter I came across FloCode’s charity work on my timeline. This organizations’ goal is to reduce the stigma around menstruation. Menstruation is a normal activity that the female's body goes through. My Fluffy Puffs works to spread awareness of their current fundraiser to purchase supplies and find permanent office space. We should not be disgusted with ourselves during our period because it aids in the reproduction system. As well as, we should have uncomfortable conversations with people about it. Be it is our fathers, brothers, and even significant other. We as women should let them know that having our period is not a bad or negative thing. When a female is on her monthly “period”, pads and tampons are highly necessary. However, the high price of these items will reduce individual’s access to it.

Period Partners Donating to FloCode Feminine Hygiene


Hence, there is a great need for Flo Code. They collect pads, tampons, and even panty liners for females who are in need. As well as, funds needed to purchase these items. Then, they hand it out to the persons in needs on the road or street side. As well as, at schools, homeless shelters, and very low-income communities. Thus, reducing the accessibility for homeless or displaces female adults and young girls. In addition, starting a conversation with them about the stigma surrounding it.

TALLOM – Next, is the TALLOM foundation which was founded in 2015. TALLOM stands for This Awesome Little Light of Mine which was inspired by the well-known hymn “this little light of mine”. The community that they target is the Brownsville and its surrounding areas in New York City. Their mission is to, “Empower girls and young women to become confident, self-sufficient and socially conscious”. The girls are challenged to live their lives beyond the circumstances around them. They are encouraged to dream big without limitations. With the help of this foundation, they are able to be and stay empowered, demand respect, deal with the battles that life throws at them, and positively impact their communities as well as their facilities. As well as, embrace their natural beauty which is their dark chocolate melanin dripping skin and beautiful kinky head of hair. They want to assist disadvantage girls on the road to success by helping them to see their full potential by becoming empowered as well as education. Lastly, they are governed by the values of love, respect, excellence and leadership.

The service that these organisations are providing to their respective communities is a great one. They are able tochange lives on a daily basis by just offering support. Hopefully you were encouraged to start supporting these organizations. Every dollar that you will send will aid in making a difference to some individual’s life. So, which one will you be contributing to?

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