Fluffy Goes to AfroPunk

My Fluffy Puffs goes to NYC AfroPunk Brooklyn

LADIES and GENTS we are here! At the 2018 staging of Afro-Punk Festival on August 25th and 26th, My Fluffy Puffs will be making its appearance with live hair demos, sampling and more!

My Fluffy Puffs was created by accident after I ran out of my usual hair products. I started making them for myself and perfected my wash day routine. I was able to cleanse, detangle, moisturise and style in one hour – yes 60 minutes. I know some naturals don’t look forward to wash day because it can last for hours. In addition, their product finishes too quickly due to product wastage. There is always goops of product on the walls or in bathroom tub. Hence, I wanted to show women that they can have their cake and eat it too with my products. For example, the shampoo & body bar is made of Rhassoul clay. This is a great natural deep cleanser for your hair, as well as skin. Therefore, you are able to cleanse your body from head to toe in one go using one product. Its simple - waste less, save money and time.

We’re not the usual natural hair product company. We don’t have products catered to achieving a specific hairstyle or for a specific hair type. All of the products are great for everyone’s hair type, texture and colour. No need to have 5 styling creams that generally have take up your bathroom basket. Spend more time with   ywhat’s important like tending to family. We never compromise on quality. All of the products are made with high-quality ingredients for your hair. For example, Twist Froasting is made with biotin which aids tremendously in hair growth. You won’t find any  parabens, sulphates, alcohols or petroleum in our products. We are helping your hair to reach an optimal healthy state.

We are grateful for the customer reviews left here or tutorials on YouTube and other social media. For example, our Regal 7th Growth Oil has been loved by many because it not only aids in growth but overall improving scalp health. It improves dry scalp, moisturises your hair strands, reduces shedding and eliminates breakage.

I am truly excited for this next step in My Fluffy Puff’s Future. I hope to see you there to meet my customers, as well as prospective customers. We will be there to talkabout natural hair, my products and enjoy the bomb music. As well as, how to maintain the life, work and hair balance! See you soon at Commodore Park in Brooklyn.

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