Fluffy’s 3 Favorite Hair Steamers

I swear by my hair steamer (looking at you Q-Redew) for weekly sessions. It helps reduce breakage, promote elasticity and retain moisture. Every time I deep condition, I make sure to steam.

Here are 3 of my favorites:


Curly In College Q Redew Hair Steamer Review My Fluffy Puffs

(Photo Credit: Live In Love With You)

Q Redew – This mini handheld steamer has been making waves on youtube by naturalistas. The steamer isn’t a substitute for a traditional table top steamer however it is designed to complement it by delaying your steam treatments by a day or two and being travel worthy. It has a trigger which is easy to operate within a few seconds. The water tank is
small therefore you won’t get a lot of steaming time. This may be good if you are on the go and need to retouch your hair however it can be time consuming if you want a full on steam because you have to keep refilling and your arm may get tired. The steamer works for all hair types and does a good job at
steaming your hair. 


Confessions Of Blog Vixen My Fluffy Puffs

(Photo Credit: Huetiful)

Huetiful Hair Steamer – This revolutionary steamer was one of the first at home steamers. It provided an affordable way to steam your hair in the comfort of your own home. It is a table top steamer therefore it should be placed on a high surface to be used effectively on your hair. This compact steamer’s base is light so it is easy to move around in your home. Steam will be produced in 2-3 minutes and takes around 20 minutes to steam your hair which is enough for an efficient treatment. Also, there is an Ozone Button which is used to control negatively released oxygen which helps control itchy scalp as well as dandruff. Another bonus of using this steamer is that it can be used as a facial steamer. 


Secura Hair Steamer My Fluffy Puffs

(Secura Hair Steamer Review by Ms. Black)

Secura – Since the debut of the table top home steamer by Huetiful, other steamers such as Secura has come into the market selling the same type of product. This steamer is more cost effective than the Huetiful hair steamer. Similarly, to the Huetiful it is a hair and face steamer, but it has a humidifier for the room. It has the on, off and ozone output buttons as
well. The cap can be tilted back and forth to adjust coverage for our hair and face. The steamer is fragile and reports are being made about it being broken however there are cheap replacement units in the market. The steamer takes 2:30 minutes to generate a fine mist that penetrate the hair shaft quickly. A full tank will give you 20 minutes steaming time. Once the water quantity reaches a low level the steam will
shut off automatically signalling to you that it is time to refill. Overall it is an inexpensive and effective steamer. 

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