Grease vs. Moisturizer - What’s the Difference?

We all grew up with mama or the hairdresser putting grease on our scalp when styling our hair. They used Dax, Blue Magic and a number of other products. 

All About Grease

When reviewing ingredients of any grease  product you’ll find either petroleum or mineral oil. When applied to our scalp it blocks moisture whole clogging pores. Naturals tend to assume hair is softer due to moisture but in reality with products like grease, it’s a thick barrier blocking natural moisture out.

Let’s Talk Moisture

Moisture is what every natural hair needs. We receive moisture mainly from water. Water-based hair lotions and cremes easily penetrates the follicle to supply it with the moisture . You can opt for LOC or LCO (Liquid, Oil, and Cream) methods to layer products in an effort to seal moisture in low-porosity hair. Using this method our hair gets the moisture that it needs, and is sealed in for several days. The disadvantage of using a water-based moisturiser is that our hair can be over-moisturised or experience  hydral fatigue. The signs include when your hair always feel heavy or the hair’s elasticity is low.

In order to find out which products will suit your hair it’s important to understand your porosity level. The goal is to minimize product buildup to avoid weighing your hair down and the scalp can promote growth. What do you use in your hair regimen, grease or moisturizer? Have you noticed how it affects your hair?

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