Hairstyles You Should Try When Experiencing Hair Loss Around Your Edges And Nape

It is not lost on us that dealing with hair loss can be sometimes devastating. We have had many conversations with many of our customers who thank us daily for products that complement their regimen and help them to deal with some of the issues that come with losing their hair.

Losing edges and nape hair loss

When we curate products, we are committed to ensuring that the ingredients we use are vegan, healthy and perfect for the scalp,but we know that this is just half the battle. Regal 9 Condition and Growth Oil is specially formulate to help recover from hair loss. 

The other half is how you choose to style your hair in order to prevent further loss as you treat your hair for the problem. In this post we have a few suggestions on specific styles you can try if you are dealing with hair loss around your hairline and around the nape area.

For Thinning, Breakage, and Balding Around Your Edges:

Chunky two-strand twists are perfect when dealing with hair loss around your edges because they allow you to style your hair without too much manipulation and tension on your problem areas. Doing it without extensions is especially beneficial because you won't have to worry about the weight of extra hair tugging on your edges.

If your edges are noticeably thin, still twist up the rest of your hair for protection purposes but consider investing in hair fibers and silk headbands to help conceal your problem areas until they begin growing back.

Shaped and Tapered Fro:

Getting your hair cut and shaped to frame your face and cover your thin and bald areas is a great idea if you're looking to be comfortable with wearing your natural hair out instead of hiding it under wigs and scarves. A tapered or trimmed down afro is also a great idea because it'll allow new growth to blend better with your hair as it grows back to its previous length.

Tapered Fro

If your edges are noticeably thin, consider keeping the front and middle of your hair a little longer to make sure you have enough coverage for your edges.

For Thinning, Breakage, and Balding At Your Hairline:

Faux Bangs + Bun

Faux bangs are a great way to conceal thinning and balding hairlines because positioning the bangs in the front do all of the work. The best thing about faux bangs is that they require zero cutting or use of scissors.

You could also recreate the style with hair extensions like braid or crochet hair instead of using your natural hair if you want it to be a protective style opposed to just low manipulation.


Frohawks are the ideal hairstyle for thinning and receding hairlines because there is absolutely no tension on your hairline and complete coverage is available to you. It also allows you of great deal of versatility when it comes to styling the rest of your hair; Flexirods, wash-n-gos, perm rods, twist outs, and bantu knot outs are all very doable while rocking a frohawk.


There are tons of ways you could create this look, but too avoid any pulling or tension on your edges, steer clear of tight bands and clips and just use bobby pins to secure the side of your hair.

For Thinning, Breakage, and Balding Around Your Nape:

Thinning around nape

Half Up, Half Down

Like all other types of breakage and thinning, hair loss at the nape has a lot to do with tension on the area. Half up, half down hairstyles are ideal because not only does the hanging hair cover the unflattering area, but there is absolutely no pulling or tugging going on!

Of course, always be careful when styling the top half of your hair because you don't want to cause breakage at your edges or hairline while simultaneously dealing with hair loss at the nape.

Topknot Head Wraps

Head wraps are both stylish statement pieces and our favorite "when all else fails" go-to because they are quick to style, convenient, and useful. Head wraps can be especially useful when dealing with traction alopecia at the nape of your neck because it gives your hair a much-needed break.

(From @ByLaylaBoutique)

Tying your headscarf or wrap into a low bun style, however, is counterproductive because it still creates friction against your problem area. Instead, tie it into a topknot and keep it smooth and flat in the back.

If you are experiencing hair loss what styles have you been trying that have helped you preserve your hair.

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