How Does Your Man Feel About Your Natural Hair?

The natural hair movement has been in full swing for some time now but believe it or not; the pendulum of natural hair appreciation swings day-to-day.

What men truly think about natural hair is a mystery. There are those who are all for loving women with natural hair, and there are those who downright loathe it. While the male view about women with natural hair tends to vary man to man, there are a few threads of common thoughts among those who love it and those who hate it. 

Here are a three prevailing opinions that men have about natural hair on a woman.

#1 - The "I Like Real Hair" Crowd

A typical comment among some men who are not fans of natural hair is that men want hair that "moves". This statement is a comment that undoubtedly sends a few women running to the chair to get hair sewn in that hangs half-way down their back. However, even those who choose to wear their hair straight are not without risk for a man's preference. While some men shun hair that doesn't move, some have a preference for long hair that not only moves without tracks or glue that creates unanticipated bumps. On the flip side, some profess to be over the lace-fronts and have begun to appreciate ladies who wear their natural locks.

#2 - Some Want They Never Had

Many guys tend to prefer Afro textured hair. Did you know different ethnicities are attracted to the Afro and actually prefer it? Consider it a case of opposites attract. Those upright strands stand tall and some guys can't get enough of fluffy hair. Then there are men who've never been with a woman with their natural hair. It could be a new experience to be with a lady with a tapered fro or a huge crown of hair.

#3 - Just Make Sure Your Hair Looks Good

Finally, there are a few men who do not care how a woman chooses to wear her hair, they only want it to look good. This statement is their mantra. Men just want their women to look good whether she has weave hanging down to her hips or rocking twist-out.

So ladies, remember, natural hair deserves the same attention that you would give to relaxed hair or a hair weave. Keep your hair care regimen consistent and do not be afraid to change your look from time to time to keep him guessing. These are just three common sets of opinion that seem to resonate in male feedback about natural hair. You will encounter men who are not fans of your look, but you will also meet men who love a woman with natural curls. Stay the course and do not be afraid to push back against anyone who dares to try to change you.

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