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You never know where you will be if afraid to ask! I spotted a post on Twitter for an upcoming event hosted by Forbes Magazine to take place here in Boston. By chance, Forbes was in search of entrepreneurs interested in attending so they created an inquiry pool. You had to give a summary of why you would like to participate and offer your background. I filled out the application and two days later received an invitation! 

Forbes 30 under 30 Summit is an annual event that just so happened to be held in my hometown of Boston this year. With over 200 speaking engagements and plenty of industry reps from all over the world, I was able to network and absorb info so I can elevate my brand. The 30 under 30 event highlights some of the most brilliant young minds of today in STEM programs and beyond. While I didn’t really see many in my industry line I did get to learn more about venture capitalists and their increasing platform. 

Investors or VC’s don’t adhere to traditional banking rules. They make informed decisions based on personal, industry familiarity and financial projections. Every VC is different and so you need to research just as much into them as you would put forth effort for a loan. Think of your value and what you offer, now consider the challenges you face with your business. Venture Capitalists want to be convinced of your value so you need to have tangible proof or at least a sound concept before approaching the table.

Forbes hosts several events throughout the year and I am happy we had the opportunity to attend this one. My Fluffy Puffs has the potential to reach all demographics with our current product line. I personally enjoy the journey of stepping outside my comfort zone to learn new things. In a way, I feel like my brand is pushing me to grow in confidence.

Forbes 30 under 30 Summit Boston My Fluffy Puffs

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