How We Are Helping Victims Of COVID-19

We are donating a limited number of FREE Feminine Care Packages to victims of COVID-19. If you or a loved one has experienced job loss, displacement or fell sick please contact us to receive by reviewing the newsletter (click the link) to receive a Care Package.

Fluff Packs Feminine Care for Free

Bad times don’t last forever...

To be in good health and free of disease is a rarity. A global pandemic from COVID-19 disease is shredding our normal way for life. People are experiencing sudden job loss at an alarming rate while losing their healthcare benefits at a time when they need it most. Contrary to rumors, this disease affects everyone from all walks of life and is spreading rapidly. It is imperative to practice good hygiene as to reduce your chances of contracting or spreading Covid-19 to others.

4 Hygiene Safety Tips:

• Always wipe common areas before/after use
• When coughing use your arm to cover the mouth
• Avoid passing germs by touching the face and eyes 
• Wash hands thoroughly for at least 30-45 seconds




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