Link Between Hair Loss & Birth Control

Link Between Hair Loss and Birth Control My Fluffy Puffs

If you take contraception and have experienced hair loss, then it may be as a result. There is a link between the hormones within the pill affecting your hair’s growth cycle.

Does the Pill Contribute to Hair Loss?

Studies have shown that women who are sexually active females, 1 out of 4 will take birth controls pills. As you know our hair grows in different cycles such as the active phase, transitional phase and resting phase. The pills cause the hair to move from the active phase, which is called the Anlagen phase to the Telogen phase, also known as the resting phase quickly. In the Anlagen phase, your hair starts growing for the hair follicles. And, Telogen phase is the resting phase where your hair doesn’t grow. You experience a lot more shedding, 25 – 100 hairs daily, which can last for up to 3 months. The pills may cause the hair to move from to the resting phase too soon. This form of hair loss is called, “Telogen Effluvium”.

How to Avoid the Hair Loss

If you want to bypass the hair loss stage then, find an alternative with more estrogen and progestin. Pills that are low on the androgen index, therefore they will keep your hair in the Anagen phase longer, so your hair will grow. Or, you can ask your doctor about Minoxidil 2%. This is an FDA-approved medicine that treats hair loss for females. Minoxidil moves the hair into the growth phase quickly.

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