Our First Pop-Up Shop: Best of Both Curls

Earlier this March we held our very own pop-up shop, Best of Both Curls in the heart of Brooklyn! It was a way to show our appreciation for loyal customers and offer our line to local NY residents who were interested in trying our line. Hosting events during winter can prove tricky and this event was no different with light snowfall, a bit of rain showers and chilly temperatures of 30F degrees. To our surprise this did not deter patrons from arriving on time with anticipation of what’s in store for the event!

Best of Both Curls featured 4 Black-Owned businesses to showcase.

For Wavers Only Apparel: a creative like featuring tees for natural hair waves and afros.

360 Wave Process: a hair accessory line for beginner wavers.

Spin City Collection: a natural cosmetic and fashion line featuring outerwear and more.

My Fluffy Puffs: our clean natural line for hair and skin.

This event was organized in just 30 days from a concept spoken in passing and made into reality. It took a leap of faith, creativity and teamwork to bring this event to life. Best of Both Curls was to be a one time event showcasing brands known in the wave and natural hair community to offer an equal platform for marginalized groups. It turned into something more with over a hundred people showing up despite inclement weather enjoying one another’s company, discussing their individual hair journey and feeling acknowledged by us the vendors. People were eager to meet the faces behind each brand, ask questions and learn more about our product lines. I was familiar with many of the patrons there since we interact on social media but this was the first time any of us met in person. 

What this event taught me is that My Fluffy Puffs has solid traction. Sure we are small at the moment but people believe in our brand and see the work that goes into making it happen. It excites me to make others smile and I felt doing this event in such a short time was a risk worth taking. We are closing shop soon and what better way to end this chapter than with a bang? Recently I announced we found a manufacturer who is willing to help us scale and I would like to start raising capital to make this a reality. You’ve seen what can be accomplished on a with pure dedication and this is only the beginning. Our reviews are from real customers, our shop offers portable natural products the entire family can use and we are growing fast from word of mouth. Now it’s time to revise our branding and take steps to position ourselves for full scale production. I hope you will support this journey together.

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