Product Junkie Rehab

Definition of a product junkie -  A product junkie is addicted to purchasing and using new hair products that have emerged in the natural hair market. Usually, their hair product stash in their bedroom or bathroom has more than 5 of the same products that is no where near empty. They are always in tuned with the latest natural hair products. If you or a loved one are a product junkie then this article is for them.

In this detox, they need to learn their hair’s porosity, budgeting their money for hair products, and how to stop casing natural hair products fads. Firstly, stop chasing fads surrounding ever natural hair product. There will always be a new product on the market that claims that it is going to change your natural hair game. And, it lets you down by not giving you the results as promised. Why? A product may not wor for your porosity.

If you really want to buy the latest product you should conduct your research first. Reading blogs or viewing hair demos give you insight on how the product may work on your hair. You should always check all the ingredients to ensure that they are perfect your hair and it’s needs.  Secondly, budget your money for busing products. Don’t go broke purchasing new products. Set your coins aside to replenish empties.

Lastly, and more importantly, learn your hair’s porosity. Learning how your hair accepts moisture allows you to choose the “correct” products for your hair. Once you choose the correct products your hair will flourish.

3 Levels of Porosity:

-  Low porosity hair has tightly closed cuticles. It may be difficult to get moisture in, you’re looking for products that contain oils that absorb well.

-  Medium porosity has a looser cuticle layer which allows for a moisture to flow in and out of your hair. Avoid heavy products that weigh hair down.

- High porosity hair has open cuticles which allows moisture to not be retained easily. In this case you need to replenish with moisture as needed but be mindful not to over-hydrate.

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