Relaxing Your Edges

What is it about your curls that makes you believe it’s difficult to deal with your hair?

Naturals are now resorting to relaxing their edges so that their hair edges are laid to heaven because edge controls, jels and tamers are not working. Also, when they straighten their hair it will last longer because their edges /roots won’t revert easily. Relaxing your edges may indicate a lack of appreciation for your hair texture. Others may disagree saying it’s just your edges, but your edges are a part of your natural hair.

The temporary relief of smooth edges from texlaxers or relaxers is damaging your hair cells at the root. It will destroy the vital protein structure of our hair which is responsible for its strength and protection. When it is applied on vulnerable areas such as your edges as well as roots, the damage is more detrimental. Your hair will start breaking and thinning in the near future because this chemical is being constantly applied to the new growth and breaking it therefore no length is being retained. Also, you could develop a health condition, burns as well as a scalp disorder.

Stop relaxing your edges and accept your hair texture. Tame your edges the healthy way by using gel, tamers, edge control, hair products or even water. It may be difficult to tame your edges but why complicate matters just to avoid dealing with your texture? Decifjng to go Natural involves embracing our hairs texture.

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