Stand With The T.A.L.L.O.M. Foundation

The T.A.L.L.O.M Foundation seeks to open doors for the inner city youth of the Brownsville/East New York district who are constantly faced with gang and drug influences, teen parenthood, low grades and delinquent behaviour. These challenges put them at a disadvantage for the future. The foundation’s goal is to provide lifetime support for the youth and their families with the community service programmes which entails youth workshops, recreational events and educational trips.


Interactive programs are led by amazing volunteers, who are advocates for enriching the youth in the society. Each youth member will gain personal and professional growth from self-esteem tips, etiquette classes and, training for entrepreneurship so that they can become a better version of themselves for their future. In addition, the foundation nurtures low income communities in the neighbourhood by providing community -based programs to give the underprivileged a way out of unemployment, violence, and poverty.

Spearheaded by the beautiful Trinidadian, Amarimba who migrated to the USA for a better life for her family. As a survivor of poverty, low self- esteem and depression due to child molestation she knows what it means to protect our youth. She started this foundation after hosting a holiday party which made a valuable contribution to families of local homeless shelters. The T.A.L.L.O.M foundation inspires to create social change for the youth, their respective families and the wider communities. This November, My Fluffy Puffs will be donating 10 jars of Tropical Mango & Monoi Whip daily moisturizer. This cream is all natural therefore they are no sulfates, parabens, silicones, cocaminde, alcohol or petroleum. It is infused with mango seed, shea butter, coconut, argan and jojoba oil. These ingredients are known to moisturise the hair shaft entirely, form a protective barrier against heat, makes the hair easier to manage and aids in length and moisture retention. You can donate and give kind to support the foundation.

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Each month I want to make a donation to a charity and this if the first one. If you know of any other charities that focus on our Black and Latino youth, send an email to thanks.

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