Synthetic Coconut Oil - Cocamide

Some products claim to be natural but does that mean they are really safe to use? Natural materials could be listed on the ingredient label of your products, but some terminologies can be a bit vague. Upon further inspection, you may discover some products you use are not, in fact, all-natural. Many consumers are actually unaware that there may be a toxic chemical in their products known as Cocamide DEA.

Cocamide DEA (Cocamide Diethanolamine) is a chemically modified form of coconut oil found in personal care products. It is added in to act as a foaming and thickening agent. There is no good reason why this unsafe substance should be in our products. In small doses, it can cause mild forms of dermatitis in people who are sensitive to allergens. In high doses, it has been linked to being potentially carcinogenic in humans. Many products actually contain these disturbingly high doses. It’s quite shocking that companies are allowed to market products as organic or natural, but yet have Cocamide included on their list of ingredients.

The Center for Environmental Health has listed the many products that contain Cocamide on their website. Many people believe some of these products are safe when, in actuality, their health is at risk every time they use it. Before buying your personal care products, check to see if Cocamide DEA is in it. It is best to avoid products that contain this chemical. The following is a list of the many names that Cocamide DEA masquerades itself as:

Cocamide MEA
DEA-cetyl phosphate
DEA oleth-3 phosphate
Lauramide DEA
Linoleamide MEA
Myristamide DEA
Oleamide DEA
Stearamide MEA
TEA-lauryl sulfate

Finally, Cocamide puts the health of consumers at risk and should be a banned by the FDA. While some companies have agreed to remove Cocamide from their products, many others have not. It's quite unfortunate that we have to investigate the labels of some of our trusted companies. Be sure to always check the ingredients of products before purchasing to confirm that they are safe to use. Here at My Fluffy Puffs, we avoid any use of Cocamide in our products because nothing beats the real thing.

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