Wavy Meet & Greet

@WavyCreatures and @MyFluffyPuffs
My Fluffy Puffs sponsored a meetup hosted by Alexis of Wavy Creatures in New York last week. For the event, we offered our Lavish Noire bar in the VIP bags. Waves are part of the natural hair community where you compress a low cut to develop a pattern. To see people from different generations show love for the wave game.
Wavy Creatures dedicated itself to bridging the gap across social network platforms for waves. My Fluffy Puffs strives to offer multi-purpose products that help you save time and money. I have a ton of wave customers who love my line! Imagine my face after recognizing a few of them at the event.
As time goes on, I believe natural hair events will strive to be more inclusive. For now, we as brand owners and influencers have a lot of work to do. Our visibility matters, people are searching for hair knowledge and we have to be fluid in how we receive information that benefits our hair. I would love to attend a loc hair event one day, they are another outlier of natural hair that seems to be overlooked. Feel free to browse my shop, whether you are natural or relaxed the goal will always be for healthier hair.

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