What’s New for My Fluffy Puffs

Hey Y'all, Alyssa here! It’s been a productive first quarter and I wanted to make sure that we catch up and that I share with you all some of the major changes we are going through as a brand and company here at Fluffy Puffs.

If you follow My Fluffy Puffs on Instagram, then you know some of the shifts we plan to do in order to get the brand where it needs to be in the last two quarters of the year and next year.

We are changing everything and while that might sound scary (because it is) we know that through this transition we will be placed in a better position to serve you our customers the way we need to and give back to the community that supports us daily.

Chimere & Fluff at Taliah Waalid Natural Show ATL 2018

(Chimere, owner of Dr.Locs and I at Taliah Waalid World Natural Show in 2018)

So here is what is changing in the next few months:


My Fluffy Puffs at its core will remain the same, but we wanted to give the brand a bit of a facelift starting with labels, our social presence, and the website. We hired a designer who is one of the best on the market to really take a look at our branding and come up with options that we will use to represent our brand while remaining true to who we are as a company.

We love what we have built so far so it is important that we keep the same authenticity but add some flair for bigger market attractiveness.


We are trying to really secure the bag! Sourcing the funds needed to get to the next level isn't easy but we are committed to trying a few options. The overall goal is to invest enough money into the company to ensure that we can handle the demand and pivot wisely into mass production of our line. Every right move will help to position ourselves to enter stores like Sally Beauty and Whole Foods where more people can try our products.

We plan to do some crowdfunding, pitching, whatever it takes to get there! Our new Summer Collection is an effort to raise capital for just that!

The Best of Both Curls 2.0

We had a blast at our first pop up shop Best of Both Curls held on March 2nd in Brooklyn and we decided to make the event something a bit more permanent. If you are new and have not heard about our event yet, then let me elaborate a bit. The Best of Both Curls was the brainchild of the brand and came about because we noticed a rift between naturals within the natural hair community and wavers who are also part of the natural hair community.

We wanted to bring everyone together under one roof for a massive meetup and trade show that ended up being one of our most successful events this year. The feedback was amazing and the pictures from the event were too dope for us not to do it again.

Best of Both curls Brooklyn March 2019

(March 2019 in Brooklyn, Best Of Both Curls)

We are in the process of planning our second Best Of Both Curls event which will be held in Orlando. As usual, I will be taking you all along with me, as we shop for venues and make announcements about vendors and sponsors. Learn more by clicking here.

What we need from you

The first thing we want to say is thank you! We are a grassroots brand; we barely did any advertising and our popularity came with just word of mouth. We want to shout out every single person that tells another person about how great our products are, and we want to thank all the people that demonstrate how to use our products on their own platforms without us even asking.


Right now, we need your continued support, as you come along this journey with us. Continue to like, comment and subscribe to our newsletter, continue to join our live video sessions and chat with us daily.

Finally, keep telling your friends about us when you try our products. Like us and leave a honest review on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Ya'll transition is as lit as it is scary, but we are in grind mode and we plan to document every step of the way. Thank you again for all of your support, subscribe to our newsletter so you do not miss a beat.

Talk soon!



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