You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried Fluffy Foam

Listen honey, at this point in my life I am so here for a good ole fashioned boujee luxurious hair and body product because a girl works hard, and she deserves it!

Self-care for many of us is number one on our priority list so if your face serum doesn't have little leaves and twigs running through it, don't even talk to me. If your bar of soap doesn't have the word "Lavish" in the description then don't worry about me, worry about your edges!

I am kidding (but not really), the point is, when Fluff comes out with that new new, the decision is easy!--- just go on right ahead and take all my money!

Just this week Fluffy Puffs launched a super exclusive collection of fun products one of which we are calling affectionately calling Fluffy Foam or 'shampoo in a jar'. Its a whipped soap that looks like a jar of Friendly's soft serve ice cream (do not use while hungry) and is gluten free, silicone free with no parabens, coconut or shea. 

Fluffy Foam is true to the company's commitment to providing products that are multi functional because it is great for your hair, but it is a gentle cleanser for the face and skin as well.

Why A Whipped Soap?

Honestly, we wanted to try something different and fun for our loyal customers. We can add all of the healthy great ingredients we are known for, maintaining the integrity of the product and at the same time give you a beautiful presentation that you can try and tell your friends about.

The soap is designed to look cool with our signature colors of purple with hues of blue but make no mistake it is thick and will not run out in the jar giving you enough product to really enjoy it for a while.

What's in it you ask?

One of the main ingredients in the soap is Babassu oil, an oil known to hydrate the skin and revive dry hair. The oil is rich in healthy fatty acids, which makes it very effective as a moisturizer for your skin and at the same time light weight enough to not linger on your hair as would other oils would when applied to your strands and scalp.

It also:

Reduces water loss on your skin
Promotes healthy cells
Helps with dandruff prevention
Helps with skin ailments like Eczema and chapped skin and much more!

Wanna try it? You should try it! Click here! 


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