Tropical Mango & Monoi Moisturizer

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Instead of building a formula that crushes your curls and leaves your head feeling greasy, we’ve blended a variety of plant and vegetable oils that sink into the hair shaft for healthy growth, soothe the dry patches on your scalp, and form a barrier against heat, giving you curls that stay stronger, softer, easier to style, and more resistant to breakage.

Key Ingredients: Mango Seed, Coconut, Argan, Jojoba & Shea Butter

En lugar de construir un fórmula que aplaste tus rizos y deje tu cabeza con sensación grasosa, hemos mezclado una variedad de aceites de plantas y vegetales que se hunden en el cabello, calman las áreas secas de tu cuero cabelludo, y forman una barrera contra el calor, haciendo tus rizos más fuertes y más resistentes a ser quebradizos.

We only use phthalate-free and vegan certified fragrances in all of our products. NO: Sulfates,  Parabens, Cocamide, Phthalates, Alcohol or Petroleum.


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