Wave Slime Shampoo

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An exclusive dedicated to Wavers for their wash and style method. A moisturizing cleansing shampoo made with Babassu Oil from Brazil that nourishes dry scalp and reduces shedding. We infuse Wave Slime with Jojoba to help seal for a lasting shine after you unrag.

How To Wash & Style:

  1. Dampen Hair
  2. Apply Quarter-size Amount of Slime (repeat as desired) and massage to lather hair 
  3. Scramble Wash & Brush Session
  4. Rag Up & Rinse Hair Thoroughly
  5. Allow Hair to Air Dry (or use dryer)
  6. Unrag 🤮🤮🤮

You can get at least 20 washes from one jar! Get instant lather and take Wave Slime with you on the go. Jar size is 8 fluid ounces. 

No Shea 

No Coconut

No Gluten

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