Who Is Fluffy?

 Who Is Fluffy? Owner My Fluffy Puffs


I’m Alyssa but everybody calls me Fluff! I spend my days on the go doing emergency gas work for the public. I know what it’s like to be on-call and have your life interrupted at a moments notice. The struggle to find balance between work and life can make a task like wash day seem impossible. I had to find a way to simplify my regimen - to reduce time and effort into taking care of my hair. This is what My Fluffy Puffs is all about!

I started this business by accident after running out of hair product. After making products for myself, I perfected a wash day routine from cleanse, detangle to style in one hour! I wondered if other women were facing the same time constraints as me and My Fluffy Puffs was born soon after. I started to show women how to waste less product and time on wash day. How? By reducing your step routine with dual purpose products, like our Rhassoul Shampoo & Body bar. Imagine using an all natural bar good to cleanse from head to toe - no more liquid goop waste at the bottom of your tub! Or our Twist Frosting with Biotin to tame and define your curls. Imagine getting the slip you need to detangle for styling all in one product! 

My Fluffy Puffs is unconventional, we don’t advocate the typical 4-6 product step system to achieve one hairstyle. You will find all of our products that work for every hair type. No more tiresome product hunting!   Life moves fast and we need to be able to keep the pace! Whether you have a family, are in school, at work or maybe doing all three - my line is made for women on the go! We spend time researching new ways to maintain healthy hair with natural ingredients while helping you seek life balance.

Browse our lineup, read and watch reviews and see for yourself how My Fluffy Puffs can improve your hair journey!