Diplomat šŸ¤® Slime

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One Day Only Exclusive Diplomat šŸ¤® SlimeĀ 
begins shipping on Sept. 11th

A one day only exclusive dedicated to Harlemā€™s finest featuring a new scent and color way! Jar size is 4oz.

Killa Cam Pink Slime Shampoo x Purple Haze Jojoba in classic throwback style.

It smells like fruit snacks! Grab it today only with 3x jojoba to lockĀ in moisture.

We promise to create the very best unisex products for your familyā€™s hair and skin. Our fragrance selection are Vegan Certified and phthalate-free. We avoid Dyes containing PPDA, Ā Sodium Lauryl Ether / Sodium LaurylĀ Sulfates, Phthalates, Gluten, Parabens, Cocamide, Soy, Isopropyl AlcoholĀ and Petroleum in our products.